How to fight COVID-19 and ensure Business Continuity!


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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus is crashing global markets and affecting everything from Silicon Valley to the local businesses. Most start-ups are stuck in limbo. The coronavirus outbreak has sent global markets into a tailspin. All major cities are on lockdown. Still, some companies stand to survive from this outbreak, which has now spread to scores of countries and infected more than 100,000 people. How are they doing that?


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Home Office has now become the most effective and quite honestly the only tool to ensure business continuity in this time of quarantine. But that means organisations are now facing challenges they’ve never experienced before and they need to start looking for new solutions to get ahead of these challenges. The quickest solution is business automation in order to have a controlled set-up of work from home.


To support the operation of home office, we at Spoors have a technological solution that allows flexible responses to the current situation and covers all areas of employee work. This IT Platform allows flexible monitoring of the efficiency of work from home even for large teams. Together with the help of this platform and a great team, we could help all of our 150+ clients and ourselves stand against this unexpected pandemic. With automation you can optimise your time while maintaining the same level of productivity and efficiency.

What was once a mere benefit is now a need for most companies.

Let's dive into how we at Spoors use our tool, Effort to drive our day-to-day work seamlessly during these difficult times

  • Work Process Tool - Work processes tool is used to create steps for all day to day business activities and set up a process flow for keeping up with the same level of efficiency and flow. There are unlimited business processes available to cater to all your changing business needs.
We use this tool for Lead Management Process, Onboarding Process, Audit, Collections, Recruitment Process, Vendor Evaluations and more.
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  • Dispatch Tool - Once the Processes are made, the dispatch tool is used to assign the activities or new assignments to employee groups. You can also use auto allocate tool for recurring works. As the work is assigned the employee gets notified, he can then either accept or reject the project.
We use this tool to (1) auto-assign our pre-defined Processes to our internal teams and (2) to drag and drop new assignments in alignment to their current work schedule.
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  • Approval Process Tool - This tool is used to design an approval process for getting quick reviews and updates in order to start with next activity steps without a time lag. This tool saves a lot of time and helps stay organised at all times. Once approved every team involved gets a in-app notification.
We use role-based approvals for our BA and Sales teams and Hierarchy based approvals for operations, tech and support teams.
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  • Online Public Form Links - For the next few weeks field employees will not be able to visit any client's work place, fill out necessary forms and gather information. To get past that we now have this feature to generate a public link to our fully customisable forms, which we use to send  across to our clients and get all the data we need to deliver better.
We just recently started using this tool since the quarantine. We are currently using Demo Request Form for getting data before giving a new demo and Customer Intake Questionnaire for smoother onboarding process. (click on the form links to test)

  • Monitoring Tool - Monitoring tool used to keep a track of the activities that are being done throughout the day by employees. It can be used to see if the assigned work is being completed as it does when in office. We've observed that home office can be slightly distracting but if there is a process set in place it helps in exceeding targets.
We use it to monitor the status of the process, Pending works, TAT, Targets v/s Achievements and Productivity.
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  •       HR Tool - We use the Effort app for all our HR activities.
Attendance - We use the sign in, sign out feature to mark our working hours from home and in office.
Leaves - Apply for leaves directly through the app, which is then sent to the immediate manager for approval, once approved we get notified about the same all in app.
Report a Grievance - We also use the app to let the management know of any issue we might be facing in the work place. They are all notified directly to the leadership teams
Appreciate an employee - This is one of the most used feature by the employees of Spoors. It is used to send an appreciation badge to any of your colleagues to show gratitude.


  • Knowledge Base - Used to publish related articles and information directly. Any article can be accessed through the Effort app after being published. Articles can also be sent to specific employees or employee groups.
We use this feature to post real time updates directly in the knowledge base of the app for increased transparency between all internal teams. We now also use it to give authentic real-time updates about Covid-19 to reduce panic among our teams.
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  • Reports Dashboard Tool - Leads within the organisation use this dashboard with advanced reports to pull consolidated, real-time data for all business activities that are taking place. There is also a live feed that goes on to the right where live activity updates are being shown.
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Transforming your business digitally is needed now more than ever. You can also stand up to Covid-19 and seal your business continuity the way we and 150+ Companies did. We are here to help you with everything you need to ensure that happens in record time.

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