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Application Area Overview

Some of the application areas that will make you rethink business success
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Mobile Workflow & Activity Mgmt

Mobile workforce management solution is a strategic necessity and act as the field force manager that drives your field activities and sales force automation process more effectively, providing a competitive advantage over others.

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Delivery & Logistics

Most companies that deliver goods to their customers have no or very limited visibility into their operations. For instance, no one knows where the goods are, who is delivering them, when are they expected to reach the customer, whether the goods have been delivered to the customer or not.

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Smooth cash flow is critical for the survival and growth of any company. Collecting money from customers is complicated process and is vulnerable to fraud

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Work Order Mgmt

Work Order Management Software solves the problem of end-to-end visibility and progress in order of service. Work order tracking software free download helps in resolving issues faster.

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Geotagging & Territory Mgmt

Territory management enables the organization to manage the complex team structures along geographical locations. Without segmentation of customer and grouping the employees around territories makes it difficult to track the organizations field coverage.

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Customer Activity Mgmt

Quality Customer interactions are critical for improving Customer Satisfaction. For Companies to grow customer satisfaction is paramount. It is often very challenging to gather accurate and authentic information about customer visits at their location.

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Compliance Management

Compliance Management enhances the performance of your organization by empowering your organization with a unified approach that integrates all your compliance processes and links it back to the organization strategy.

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Field verification is the process of verifying the reported parameters against the actuals and documenting the actual parameters of any given person, facility, or organization. Many individuals/companies underestimate the vital importance of accurate, complete and Geo-Tagged authentic information.

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Scheduling & Dispatching

Scheduling and dispatching field employees to the right location at right time is difficult when you have limited manpower

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