1. How can the Date and Time in a Form to be automatically set to that instance when the Form is filled?

How : In the Form Fields for the Time and Date data types, there will be an option for the Computed / Default which will be set as ‘none’ by default. When it is changed to ‘Default’, you can see that the Field displays ‘today’ in a small text box below. The same can be set for the Time which will display ‘now’. This makes it so that the Form will automatically capture the Date of ‘today’ and Time of ‘now’, in perspective of the instance when the Employee fills the Form.

2. How can we restrict the users from editing certain fields in the form fields?

Description: Certain Fields in a Form can be made non editable for the Employees while they are filling the Forms. How: In the Form Fields, you have an ‘Advanced Settings’ under the icon against the Fields. In there, you can set the restrictions for that Form Field by checking the ‘Edit Restriction on Employee Groups’ and selecting the Employee Group of which the Employee is part of.

3. How can we restrict the users from viewing certain fields in the form fields?

Description: Certain Fields in a Form can be made invisible for the Employees while they are filling the Forms, when they satisfy certain predetermined conditions. How: In the Form Fields, you have an ‘Advanced Settings’ under the icon against the Fields. In there, you can set the restrictions for that Form Field by ‘Adding Criteria’ for that Form Field under the ‘Field Dependency Based on Values of Other Fields’. This setting will determine the visibility of the Field based on the value that was entered in that other field.

4. How to make a Form accessible to only a particular group of Employees?

Description: A Form Template may be designed such that it was specifically for a particular group of Employees and not all the Employees of the Organization may have much use for them. After a Form Template has been designed, the Spoors system has a provision for assigning that Form to an Employee Group. This makes that this Form will be visible to only the Employees within that Employee Group and not others. Steps for Assigning an Employee Group to a Form: In the Forms Module, on the right side, you can see the ‘Form Templates’ with a icon against it. You can view all the Form Templates within. Under the Actions, if you click on the three vertical dots, you will see the ‘ Employee Group’. Select the Employee Group that has to be assigned and save it.

5. What is an ‘Activity’ and how is it different from the Forms?

Description: Activity is another way of filling up a Form but it would be done against the Customer directly whereas the Form can be filled any time. But in order for a Form to be an Activity, there should be a Form Field with the ‘Customer’ data type defined within. Steps: Admin Module, all the Activities are grouped under the icon. Create an Activity by selecting a Form and the Customers that has to be assigned to that Activity. This Activity can be added by touching the ‘Add’ button below the name of the Customer in Effort Plus.

6. You can see a Form as an Activity but not visible in the Forms Module in Effort?

Any Form that has been defined as an Activity will no longer be visible in the Forms section of Effort by default. You can only see that Form as an Activity that had to be performed against a Customer.

7. Is there any way to have the Form defined as an Activity but still be visible as a normal Form?

Yes and the relevant setting will be within the Mobile Configurations icon where you have to check the ‘Display Form Activities in Mobile Forms’.

8. Any other reasons why a Form is not visible in the Mobile Forms?

Yes, and that is when the Form Template has been Withdrawn. A Form Template once designed couldn’t be designed but it can be withdrawn from the Active status; thus effectively deleting it from the Employees. But an Employee can still the Withdrawn Form in the Withdrawn Section in the Mobile Forms.

9. Form added in Effort but not visible in the Web?

Make sure that the Employee has clicked on ‘Save’ when saving the Form and not on ‘Save as Drafts’. If he did and still the Form is not reflecting in the web, look for the Pending Items in the ‘Sync Status’ where you will find the Form. Sync continuously till the Pending Items are cleared and you will get your Form in the Web Portal.

10. Where can I use Forms?

Forms can be used in Jobs as Job Stages, Works as Work Actions, Work attachments, Activities and in Approvals.

11. What is a page in form? How can it be used?

Page is a screen where input form fields are given if input form fields are more in number than pages are used. Pages appear like tabs in Effort when viewed in the mobile.

12. What is a section? Where can it be used?

Section is like a mini form, used for grouping of related data. It is mostly used when repetitive data to be captured in a single form. For example:Generating invoices of a company for an year and capturing every month's invoice details in it.

13. How do I use master data in Forms?

While creating Form Template, select field type as list and pick master data list from drop down. This is the way how we use master data in forms.

For example :

  1. In a Form Template, create a field with field label as action.
  2. Select field type as list and in list drop-down select master data list.
  3. Set publish to yes and save the Form Template.

14. What is an online form?

If a Form Template is set to online, then the Employees cannot Save the Form without an active Internet Connection. And the Employee cannot Save the Form as a Draft in the application as well.

15. How can I download all form data?

Navigation :Forms click on Form Id. Click on "save as PDF" or "Save as Doc" to download Form data.

16. How to set the option save as draft for forms ?

Navigation : Go to Admin Mobile Configuration App Settings Allow user to save from as draft. In mobile app save as draft option will not be available until it is checked.

17. Can a form be printed from the mobile? How do I configure it and how do I define the format?

Yes, Forms can be printed from the mobile. To print a Form from mobile, first its print template has to be defined using an action of Form Template called "Mobile Print Template". Define the Format of the Form Print Template. Now, connect the Mobile Handset to the printer via Bluetooth and you can print the Form.

18. How can I customize the print format of the form when downloading as pdf from the web?

Using an action of Form Template called ‘Print template’, User can customize the print format like the Fields that need to be printed.

19. How to Know the location when the activity(Forms) is performed?

For Forms: Login to EFFORT Admin Panel Click on FORMS in Menu bar Click on ID of the Form There you can able to see the Form Filled Location and Last Modified Location.

20. How to get Form Location Updates?

Go to Admin Mobile Configuration in Location Settings select Form Location Updates. This setting will determines if mobile apps should only capture locations when the form is submitted.

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