1. How to set start work mandatory for activities?

Navigation : Go to Admin Mobile Configuration AppSettings start work mandatory for activities.

When checked, start work should be selected in mobile app to perform activities.

2. How to set customer check out when clicked on stop work?

Navigation : Go to Admin Mobile Configuration AppSettings Check out customer when clicked stop work.

This will automatically check out if any customer is already checked in at the time of stop work.

3. How to set job/work Reminder?

Navigation : Go to Admin Mobile Configuration AppSettings Job/work Reminder.

When it is enabled we also need to mention the time, based on the time notification will raised.

4. How to Enabled Delayed Job/Work Notifications?

Navigation : Go to Admin Mobile Configuration App Settings Delayed Job Work Notifications.

Enabling this will provide Delayed Job/Work Notifications in Effort Plus Mobile app.

5. How to Know the location when the activity(Works) is performed?

For Works :

Login to EFFORT Admin Panel Click on WORKS in Menu bar Click on Work Title→ There in work Details Location is available.

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