Create Data Delivery Templates for Works

  1. Click Google Data Studio card on the welcome screen.

    The Data Delivery Templates page appears.

  2. Click Create Data Delivery Template button located on the top right corner.

  3. Enter a title for the template in the Template Name textbox.

  4. Select a work process from the Work Process dropdown.
  5. Click Add Column button to add fields from which data is required.

    You can add more fields as per your requirement.
  6. Click on the field and set the below configuration fields.

    • Column Name: Enter a title for the field.
      Note: Do not include spaces or any special characters in the Column Name. It will generate a system error when you create a report in the Google Data Studio.
    • Type: Select either Work Field or Action Field.
    • Select Action: Select work action from this dropdown.
    • Select Field: Select a form field that is associated with the work action selected in the above dropdown.
  7. Click Save.