Generate a Form Report

  1. Go to Web App > Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  2. Scroll down to the Form Submission Reports - Default section.
  3. Click Form Report link or icon.

    The Form Report page appears.

  4. Select a form spec from the Form Submission dropdown.

  5. Select Search With.
  6. Select employees from the employees list.
  7. Optional: Change From and To dates.
    Both From and To default to today.
  8. Select the below options as per your requirement.
    • Include Filled location & Modified location Lat, Long
    • Split Lat Long
    • Include Manager Details
    • UnMerge cells in the output
  9. Optional: Select report format for Load Report As.
  10. Click Load button.
    The Form Submission Report is displayed depends on the report format.