Configure Approval Level

  1. Go to Configurator > Forms

    The Forms page appears

  2. Scroll down to the Settings section
  3. Click Manage Approval Processes card

    The Approval Process page appears

  4. Click Create Approval Process card

    The Create Approval Process page appears

  5. Enter title in the Title textbox

  6. Select the appropriate Options
  7. Click Add Approval Level
  8. In the Approval Level Name enter the manager’s name

Select any one of the option in Type drop-down. As per the option selected, the Approval Flow mode is populated
Type of Approval Steps
Role Based
  • Select a name in the Final Approval Role drop-down
  • Select the appropriate option in the Approval Flow mode
Note: Refer Create Roles section to define roles
Employee Group Based
  • Select the Only in Hierarchy checkbox
  • From the list of Available Employees, use the buttons to choose the selected employees for the approval process
Hierarchy Based Select the appropriate option in the Approval Flow mode
  1. Optional: Click Add Approval Level button to add another approval level. This option is useful when you want to define more than one type for a approval process.

  2. Optional: Click Delete Approval Level to delete an approval level in the approval process.
  3. Click Save