Map List Items to an Employee

  1. Go to Configurator > Lists

    The Lists page appears

  2. Click List card corresponding to the list that you want to edit.

    The List Actions page appears

  3. Click Assign Items to Employees card.

    A pop up appears that allows you to type and pick an employee.

  4. Type the first 3 characters and pick an employee from the drop-down.

  5. Click Apply

    The List Mapping for <employee name> page appears.

  6. Note: If the list has more than 100 items, do not attempt to map all items to all employees. This activity impacts the performance of the mobile app because it consumes a lot of network bandwidth for downloading data and storage on the mobile device.
    Select one or more items from the Available Items panel and click > icon to move them to the Selected Items panel.

  7. Click Save to map the items moved to the Selected items panel to the selected employee.