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Efficiency in Enterprise Activity & Workflow

Quick Sync of fresh templates and data allow field teams to work from Anywhere, AnyTime, driving task completions that require painless data entry. Our real-time reporting engine gives you both mobile and portal access to field data

Configurable Apps

  • Use App Configuration settings to enable/disable relevant sections and features for employee groups. Showcase what is needed and hide the rest. Drive efficiency through simplicity.
  • Use Mobile Configuration settings to drive device wide settings for the organizations to ensure seamless and uniform data collection
  • Replace Time Consuming Tasks

    Activities & Workflow — the Spoors term for collecting field data — connect people, places, and tasks. Create activities & workflows with a variety of tasks, conditional logic, and sections in an unlimited number of configurations. Timestamps and geotags on each completed activity or work ratify the veracity and strengthen visibility into field activity. EFFORTx mobile apps work in an complete offline-mode to enable activity completion in areas with poor Wi-Fi or spotty cellular service.

    Knowledgebase, Group Chat, Notifications & Alerts

    Assign tasks to people manually or automatically using Smart Allocation. Connected users immediately get notified of the assigned tasks through notifications and can get moving on the assigned activity or workflow. Knowledgebase helps share product/service related information or access to best practices to the field staff. Group chat enables sharing confidential information only with specific group members and containts corporate information within the system.

    Mobile Reports

    On the go visibility to team data is important for managers. Enable mobile reports and add the necessary reports. Sync and check on the mobile to get real-time reports on customers & employees

    Spoors Mobile Application is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

    Capture Presence/Attendance details, Assign Activities or Workflows to field employees

    Field employees use QuickSync to get the latest templates and updates from the server automatically

    Use Check-in and Check-out at Customer locations for gauging qualitative engagements

    Assign and map only required customers and not the entire set

    Provide visibility only to pertinent actions while assigning workflows

    Leave Applications, Knowledge Base, Chat interface, are additional productivity tools.