Spoors delivers robust field force solutions through EFFORTx, a flexible, configurable app designer for every Retail need. With EFFORTx, your field force is equipped with a agile solution designed to deliver greater mobility in their on- field tasks. Our application works completely offline reducing field employee dependency on data connectivity.

Organizations like CDSG, John Keells, Nature.Rich Foods and more are reaping productivity and revenue improvements instantly.

Use Cases for Retail

  • Deliveries:In Services, proof of attempt, proof of visit, proof of completion are of utmost importance.EFFORTx can help allocation of service tasks to the representative closest to a customer, recording customer disposition viz., Customer Unavailable, Not Picking Calls, Door Locked Etc. and the ability to re-plan the visit. Recording proof-of-visit using geo-coded images and also capturing the customers signature digitally.
  • Store Collections:Optimise collections with work assignments that are timed and notified by alerts. Perform both planned and unplanned activities using our smart near-by store location mechanism. Look for previous payments made, defaults if any and other pertinent details of the stores before meeting one. 
  • Employee activity tracking:Check in Checkout & Activities at Customer (Activities like, Collection, Order Booking, Customer Visit)
  • Store Availability: Using Knowledge-base, Group Chat and Notifications keep the sales rep informed of updated informations.
  • Dealer and Distributor visits: Using our digital forms and integrations with Biometric devices will reduce data entry errors. Apply conditional checks even with remote systems.

  • Benefits

    Retail as an industry is quiet un-organised and hence also uses disparate systems and various applications. EFFORTx helps companies unify all the applications onto one platform, providing a single-window of operation and reporting.

  • Expense claims management:Cut down in cost of processing of the expense claims by 60 percent.
  • Cost of Lost delivery: The cost of lost deliveries creates operational challenges to sellers. With POD, capturing digital signatures and images, there is never a consignment thats lost and therefore the total cost on lost goods is completely reduced.
  • Order to Billing cycle: shortened from 24 hours to 2.5 hours.
  • Real-Time data: Real-Time Reporting of different stages till it reaches end consumer for enhanced transparency.
  • improves your productivity by a minimum of 30%

    Quick Go-To-Market

    It takes hardly 30 minutes to put together a form, download the application, and start collecting data! Most organizational processes can be automated in less than half a day! Dont believe us? Try for yourself!

    Highly Scalable

    Spoors is a highly scalable solution powered by the Google Cloud Platform. Whatever the scale of your business, we will scale with you instantly and help you in your success.


    We perform regular test on our platforms and applications. We do an yearly audit of our solution using third party services to have unbiased review of security features. Having been certified for high levels of security our customers enjoy a world-class secure solution.

    Easy Learning Curves

    Field personnel are generally not highly qualified. Our intuitive and easy to use app reduces the learning curve and helps them adopt the solution quickly.


    Custom integrations along with Open APIs provide for a very dynamic setup. Our solution can easily talk to many of the ERP, Core systems, SCM, Sales & lead management solutions.

    Reduced TCO

    Being a SaaS solution greatly reduces the capex costs for our customers and they also enjoy all the new feature releases. This reduces the TCO for our customers.