Security Certified

Thorough internal testing and regular external security audit keeps our solution healthy!

Security is a serious business to us

Spoors architecture is built on a robust Google cloud platform and industry-famed encryption and security standards. Thus we ensure enterprise-grade security and data protection for our customers. We regularly keep all security compliances under check.

1. Application Security

  • Encryption in transit with SSL/TLS protects data transmitted between device & server.
  • Configurator portal for separate administrative tasks on creating and provisioning templates
  • Central User provisioning management for administrators.
  • User credentials encryption.
  • Similar to banking sites, we ensure time out for user sessions if the application is left inactive for a pre-defined duration
  • 2. Device Security

  • IMEI based authentication with secondary provisioning using email and SMS
  • Once provisioned device switching cannot be done by individual users. Only administrators can unprovision or re-provision.
  • MDM capabilities can be integrated. Currently Samsung Knox free version is available on the platform
  • Remote wipe data and remove collected data after 48-72 hours (or a defined time period)
  • Lock location based activities and force location services to be switched on.
  • 3. Data Security

  • Comprehensive Rights Management using a configurator portal, preventing access without right user credentials.
  • All portal activities including logins are logged and audit logs are available at any time.
  • Data archived every 6 months and the same can be provided on a need basis.
  • Customer data is protected as per data privacy laws that govern any activity on internet or mobile.